Tips in Using a Towing Company

  1. The most common challenge associated with using a towing company is sending the improper towing vehicles, towing tie downs, and other applications necessary to tow your vehicle. The reason can easily be avoided if steps are taken to prevent it. Towing dispatchers simply do not ask enough information over the phone prior to sending a truck to assist you. This can occur for many reasons, some as simple as answering a call when a driver is on job or when driving. Another reason could be a busy mechanic shop not taking the time to obtain all information. When calling a local towing company make sure that you provide as much descriptive information about your vehicle as possible, even if the dispatcher does not ask. This simple step can avoid the all too common headache with having to wait for the tow driver to come back with the right vehicle, or worse yet, unsafely transporting and loading your investment on their truck.
  2. Understand your vehicles towing requirements before calling around for a tow truck. Towing requirements are in the owners manual which is often times in the glove box. If you are sitting on the side of the road for a truck to arrive, what else do you have to do? Get familiar with your owners manual while waiting for a driver to arrive and assist you.
  3. Ask the tow truck driver of their experience level when calling the dispatcher or when they arrive on the scene. Watch the tow truck driver to ensure they use tie downs as needed and don’t be shy to speak up if you feel your vehicle is not being handled properly.  Unfortunately, some tow drivers do not speak English and are difficult to communicate with. If you do not understand what is being explained to you, it is often better to call the dispatcher and be safe, rather than sorry.
  4. Finally, move your vehicle to the side of the road, if possible, to ensure you and your vehicle are out of traffic and out of harm’s way. Remain inside your vehicle if you are roadside to ensure your safety. If possible, do not remain alone with your vehicle. If you had a passenger, ask them to stay with you until your vehicle has been secured to the tow truck. This final step is for your safety as being along roadside has a reputation for being unsafe.