The Different Pros And Cons To Living In Naples Florida Luxury High Rises

Living in high rise condominiums can be exciting as these luxury properties tend to offer amenities not available in the majority of single-family homes. Moreover, the high rise condo does not require many of the standard maintenance issues people face when living in typical suburban houses. It sounds beneficial, doesn’t it? But is it the best option for your particular needs? Get more idea on this website:

To determine if this lifestyle is the best for you, it is important to take certain considerations into account. This article will provide information on the different pros and cons of living in Naples Florida luxury high rises.

What Are The Different Pros To Luxury High Rise Condos?

1. The Amenities

One of the greatest benefits to living in Naples Florida luxury high rises is the use of the property’s common amenities. Dependent on the building, the amenities can range from a 24-hour valet to a pool and workout room or rooftop club rooms with wine cellars. If you are looking for more extravagant amenities, you may need to pay higher HOA dues. Be sure to speak to the property consultant or look at  Shannon – The Dunes Past Sales beforehand to discover what the dues are based on the amenities available.

2. The Parking Space

The majority of luxury condos present with an assigned parking area in the common garage. The number of spaces available will often depend on the type of condo leased; for example, a two-bedroom unit may offer parking spaces for two people. In some cases, the building allows tenants to rent additional spaces, but you will need to speak to the manager regarding this matter. The issue of guest parking should be considered as some condos do not offer guest parking areas.

3. No Pets

This is an issue that can be viewed as both a pro and a con. While many high rise condos allow pets with restrictions, many are pet-free or large pet-free. This is highly beneficial if you do not like animals or have severe pet allergies.

4. Reduced Storage

As with the issue of pets, a reduction in storage space can be beneficial and detrimental. It is beneficial because you are required to get rid of the baggage and embrace the minimalistic lifestyle. This can be quite liberating, and many people find living with less much simpler. If, however, you wish to retain items that exceed your apartment space, it is possible to rent extra storage space from many buildings. Be sure to ask about this feature when searching for a luxury high rise in Naples, Florida.

What Are The Different Cons To Living In A High Rise Condo?

1. No Pets

As is mentioned above, the issue of no pets can be beneficial to sum, but detrimental to others. If you enjoy having pets, particularly large or exotic animals (birds or ferrets), then a high rise condo is not for you. Condominiums are not only restrictive for the animal, but it is difficult to keep them disciplined in such a small area resulting in poor neighborly relations.

2. No Storage

While people who enjoy a minimalistic lifestyle will thrive in high rise condos, people who are ‘pack rats’ may not be as attracted to this approach. Many condos provide a specific amount of space, and if you have ‘do dads and what it is all over the place, it may become cramped. No person wants to live in a cramped area, and it’s not pleasant to have to pay extra for additional storage space.

3. Noise

While the walls and windows may be noise-resistant, the condominium lifestyle is a community one; therefore it has rules to govern its operation. One of the most restrictive is noise control. The majority of buildings have a noise-free period from the evening to early morning during which residents are not allowed to make loud noises. Of course, not all people will adhere to this, and it is possible that you will have to deal with loud noise now and then. Even if you do, the initial rule of having to change your behavior is already a con.

4. HOA Dues

HOA dues are a standard issue for many high rise condo buyers. This expense is a rate to be paid monthly to the association for maintenance and upkeep of the units, the staff payroll, reserves, and building insurance. The fees tend to vary according to the property as specific features will influence the cost, such as the age of the building and the number of tenants available to share the cost. Before you begin paying HOA dues, it is recommended you complete comparison with current expenses and see if these rates are more costly than your home maintenance expenses.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are various pros and cons to living in a high rise condominium ranging from pet control to noise control. By using these points, you can determine if this lifestyle is the best option for you.

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