What do you do when you are out of your state and need to use a towing company to get you back home or to your local mechanic’s garage? Perhaps you live on state lines and you work in one state and live in another and need a tow from your work back to your home.

You should know that not all towing companies or drivers are licensed to tow you out of state. Some local companies do not comply with state laws and tow vehicles across state lines while risky getting pulled over by a police officer. The tow driver and towing company are liable and responsible for any illegal ticketing fees or costs associated with their negligence and poor decision-making. You as the vehicle owner are not liable in the state of Pennsylvania, but check your local laws to see who is responsible for your state. Each state has different laws which govern the practices that tow operators must comply with.

If you routinely travel out of your state it is a good idea and beneficial for you to be aware of the out of state towing laws. However, if you are traveling out of state for a vacation it is not practical for you to look up each states towing laws if you will be driving through many states. Instead, when you need a tow go with an online company that has many positive reviews and has a high star rating.Ask the dispatcher whether they are licensed to tow vehicles across state lines. Commonly, companies who tow big trucks and equipment like excavators, 18-wheelers etc… are licensed to travel across state lines because they likely work with local businesses. Smaller towing companies with only a truck or two are more likely to be unlicensed to tow across state lines.

So, in summary, go with proven towing companies that are larger, well reviewed online, or a referral that a friend or family member suggests. Ask the dispatcher if they are legally allowed to tow, and don’t go with the lowest and cheapest towing company as sometimes this is too good to be true.